Fastest Way to Get Rid of Candida

by admin on October 7, 2010

The fastest way to get rid of candida isn’t with prescription drugs. You might be surprised, but there are much cheaper, natural remedies that are at least as effective. It is important to remember that no one thing will guarantee the defeat of candida in your system. Instead, you should take multiple steps (ideally the three listed below) to increase the odds of beating this yeast once and for all.

Stop Eating Junk! Yes, junk food can be a major contributor to the development of a candida overgrowth in your system. I know it tastes good, but is it really worth to eat those chips every day if it means you will have to live with chronic digestive bloating, gas, headaches, and other symptoms of candida infections? I definitely don’t think so. The fact is, processed food is not friendly to the human body. We don’t have the enzymes necessary to break it down. In fact, as far as our bodies can tell, junk food is barely even food. It can contribute both to a suppression of the immune system (which allows candida to get a foothold inside of you due to the lowering of defenses) and the unnatural ingredients can cause waste to stick inside of your colon and putrefy, providing an ideal source of fuel for the yeast. All this can be avoided by simply cutting the processed foods out of your diet. Also, to get rid of the waste matter built up in your digestive tract you may need to do a colon cleanse before moving on the next step.

Natural Antifungal Herbs: You may not be aware, but there are plenty of herbs out there that have strong antifungal properties. Eating them is actually the fastest way to get rid of candida, since the substances present in these herbs will attack the yeast directly and win back your body from its grasp. You can find long lists of such herbs, but the two best ones for treating candida specifically are garlic and oregano oil. In order for the garlic to work, it has to be raw. I know, it’s more pungent that way, and if you don’t enjoy the taste it may not be the easiest thing to eat, but this simple, common food seasoning can work wonders. All you have to do is eat it as often as possible and the candida won’t stand a chance. Oregano oil is a little less common (although I’m sure you know what oregano is). The stuff is also pretty potent, so if you take a glass of water and add just a few drops, that should do the trick.

Find the Cause: Simply changing your diet and eating antifungal herbs may solve the immediate problem, but even the fastest way to get rid of candida cannot guarantee the yeast won’t make a comeback. It is of the utmost importance that you identify the underlying cause for the candida infection. Whether the problem was something as mild as improper diet or as severe as some other chronic infection, you should identify the cause and address it to be sure the candida doesn’t come back even stronger than before.

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